Display Fridge

We can sell and/or service your display fridge or display cabinet


Take-away food shops

A display fridge is an essential piece of equipment in any type of take-away food shop. Cold drinks and other fast-moving consumer goods need to on display and easily accessible to your customers.


Show off your gorgeous buns, slices, and cakes in a beautiful refrigerated display cabinet. In a hot bakery, it’s important to make your products look appetizing by keeping them on show at just the right temperature.


Need to keep your flower arrangements fresh? A display fridge allows you to keep your flowers longer while knowing exactly what you’ve got in stock at all times.

Food retailers

A display fridge has many uses for food retailers. Used in the kitchen for ingredients, for accessible cold drinks for patrons. Food retailers such as bars, cafés, restaurants, and even mobile food trucks can all benefit from having the right size display fridge.

Display fridge sales Gold Coast

If you need a display fridge, we can help. We sell a range of display cabinets and display fridges.

Display fridge installation Gold Coast

If you need a refrigerator or freezer installed, just give us a call, we are refrigeration and air conditioning experts. We’ll make sure your display fridge is set up in the most economical way and working exactly as you need it to.

Display fridge service and repairs Gold Coast

We understand that when a display fridge breaks down it can be very costly for a business. We always treat any repairs as urgent and we’re even available 24/7 for emergencies, to get you up and running again.

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