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  • Ice cream storage freezers should be stored between -24 & -26 degrees Celsius making the ice particles much smaller making the product smoother
  • Ice cream display freezer cabinets between -14c degrees Celsius is the optimum serving temp
  • General storage freezers between -18 & -20 degrees Celsius should be used not hold ice cream as the temperature is too cold
  • Cold room storage fruit and veg temperatures: fruit and veg cold rooms should run at high humidity and slightly warmer temperature than a general purpose cold room, fruit and veg is best kept between 4 & 6 degrees Celsius with high humidity
  • Cold room for meat; example a butcher’s cold room should be between -1 and plus 2 degrees Celsius
  • Meat display case temperatures should run around -1.5 and +.5 degrees Celsius to ensure you get longer shelf life

It depends on the age of the equipment. We recommend getting large commercial air conditioning units or refrigeration units checked every 3 months if they’re old or every 6 months when new. For domestic air conditioning applications, we would suggest once annually before the summer period if you’re cleaning the filters every 3 months whilst housekeeping.

This is a very big thing to get correct, a unit that’s too small can cause the unit to run too long and not be effective running at 100% and a unit that’s too big will use unnecessary energy. To make sure you get the correct size air conditioning for your home or office make sure you get an air conditioning and refrigeration technician to do an accurate heat load to take the guesswork out of the equation.

The short answer is yes! We can come and assess your equipment. The refrigeration industry is always evolving with technology there is always new and improved things we can add to most refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Ask us about our COLD PROFIT FORMULA.

We offer a 12-month warranty on all completed jobs.

If the units are physically installed incorrectly and the connections, fitting, or welds leak, the gas within the units has been proven to harm the environment. Be sure that only a licensed technician removes your old systems and reclaims the gas and disposes of it correctly to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ask your current installer if they have the following trade license and correct equipment:

  • Electronic leak detector
  • Vacuum pump
  • Refrigerant recovery unit
  • Refrigerant gas cylinders
  • Risk management plan
  • Refrigerant records
  • Refrigerant Handling Licence (including name and licence number)
  • RTA number

Along with evaporator & fan cleaning there is also bacteria you can’t see. Ask us about ChillSafe, an eco-sustainable Australian made product that provides a cost-effective solution for hospitality professionals for maintaining hygiene of refrigerated facilities.

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