Ice Machines

We are experts in ice machines, commercial ice makers and commercial ice machines on the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Mount Tamborine.


Many types of hospitality businesses regularly use ice machines to provide instant clean and attractive ice.

At MaxiChill we sell new and refurbished ice machines for all occasions. We also do ice machine installations, repairs and service. If your business requires a commercial ice maker we can help. All our work comes with our standard 12-month warranty and we only use the best quality parts available.

Types of Ice machines

A commercial ice maker can be used to provide flakes of ice or cubes of ice.

Although commercial ice machines create ice in the same way, the style of commercial ice maker you choose should be compatible with its intended purpose. For example, there are different types of ice machines for producing ice with different water to ice ratios and some ice shapes can stay frozen longer. Whether you need ice for beverages or for packing, we can help you choose the right type of ice machine for your needs.

Ice flakes are commonly found where fresh produce, meat or fish is displayed for customers. Salad bars are another common place where ice flakes are used. The advantage of making ice flakes is that they are small and easy to pack and shape. They can simply be poured or sprinkled into the area where they are required. Restaurants can make use of ice flakes as a decorative way of keeping plates cool.


Outside of the hospitality industry, ice flakes are well suited for use in medical and health care situations. For hydrating patients or packing around injuries.

Ice cubes are more traditional style of ice just like the ones you probably make at home in your freezer using an ice cube tray. Ice cubes are harder and stay frozen longer than ice flakes which make them ideal for using in beverages as well as helping to keep food cold.

Commercial ice machines are most commonly used by the food and beverage industry. If you need regular ice for your business or you have a commercial ice machine that needs servicing, we are the experts you can call.

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